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The Third Day

The Third Day


A faithful and contemporary graphic realization of Luke 22-24 for young adults and teenagers. Uses the NIV.

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The first in a range of short graphic-novel-style books faithfully illustrating the unadorned text of the gospel of Luke.

It has a gritty, contemporary feel to it that is far removed from the clean, bright, graphic versions of the Bible already available for younger children.

This resource will introduce the biblical account of Easter to teens and young adults who enjoy reading illustrated graphic media.

The Third Day covers the Gospel of Luke chapters 22 to 24, the betrayal, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, using the NIV.

Please note: this product contains images of violence and crucifixion which may be disturbing for young children. Please look through the book first to ensure that it is appropriate for the children who will be reading it.

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