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The Dad Who Never Gave Up


An engaging retelling of the Bible story of the prodigal son for toddlers.

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Once there were two brothers. The little brother took his dad’s money and spent it all. He ended up so hungry that he wanted to eat pigs’ food. Yuck!
What happened when the little brother went home to his dad? Find out in this exciting story that Jesus told.

In this engaging retelling of the parable of the prodigal son, young children discover how God is like a dad who never gives up on us, and who is ready to welcome us home with open arms. It’s not because we are good. It’s because God’s love is so big!

Notes for parents at the back help to explain the details of this account from Luke 15:11-32.

Part of the Little Me, Big God series of storybooks for pre-schoolers. These books are ideal to give away at church toddler groups and for use in children’s ministry.

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